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Kapok refill

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Your insert can be revived!

We want to make sure your insert stays as fresh as the day received and like all inserts it will settle over time. Our inserts have been made so you can easily refill increasing its life and in-turn helping the environment. 

To refill inserts 'as new' we suggest the below quantity based on the size. 

30cm x 40cm= 100g

40cm x 40cm= 160g

30cm x 50cm= 140g

50cm x 50cm= 300g

40cm x 60cm= 340g

60cm x 60cm= 400g

50cm x 75cm= 450g


Our covers are 100% Organic Cotton filled with a natural product grown and processed without the use of chemicals. They have been made so they can easily be refilled increasing their life and in-turn helping the environment. 

They are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and eco-friendly. 

100% Organic cotton.

100% Kapok

Sustainable Natulon® zip.

Care Instructions

There is no need to wash our insert as they are resistant to dust mites and moisture, however you can wash the outer cover should you wish.  

To wash remove all kapok from the cover and set aside in a sealed bag. Kapok fibres are very light so we recommend wearing a mask to avoid inhaling the fine fibres.  

Cover: Washable at 30°.  Iron Setting 1. Max Temp 100°c. Dry Cleanable. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Tumble Dry

Fill: Do not wash. To re ‘fluff’ tumble dry on air-setting or low temperature for 30mins only.